Ventrilo Ranks and Request

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Ventrilo Ranks and Request

Post  Jin on Tue May 10, 2011 3:55 am


So finally i got my own ventrilo up and running smoothly for those that are new to ventrilo please go here Vent Guide. Now to lay down some rules and features to my ventrilo.

SO - Server Owners
SA - Server Admins
VIP - These Players are very important to the Owners
MVP - These are Rare player that are very Knowledgeable of a certain game
GL - Guild Leader

Guest will have no rank unless requested, Player may not have the above rank names unless a [SO] give permission to do so.


Only 1 rule, simple right? Rule breaker will not be tolerated you will be given a warning. a 2nd warning will get you banned for 1 day. We want a fun environment for everyone. Staff and Player will be treated Equally admin will be punished for power abuse. ALL admin power being used will be logged. if an Admin has kick/Ban Please state a reason.

Recommended Age Group:

NON, i will not discriminate age group but be warn now that this is an ALL AGE community There is no rule for NO RATED R topic. If you are underage and you feel the need that you have heard something that makes you feel uncomfortable move to a different channel with your friends. If you feel that you are being harassed request an [SO] to speak with you 1 on 1 on Situation.


My Ventrilo is for Lucent Heart Usage only unless otherwise permitted by an [SO]. Guild that currently have no voice support may request for a Guild Channel w/ Password and the leader to the Guild will have full channel admin. Upon requesting a guild channel you must agree to 1 term and that term is for both guild leader to compromise in being in an ALLIANCE this term is to ignore any conflict within the Ventrilo Community. PM an [SO].


I will be happy to give a player a title of their own for Ventrilo. Must be 1-8 Letters NO NUMBERS, Staff Ranks are not accessible. NO SLANDER/RACIST/SEXUAL Title Please keep them PG13. PM an [SO].


I am sorry to say but i will not be supporting individual private channel. This will defeat the purpose of having a social community, ONLY Staff are permitted to have a Private Channel. NO EXCEPTION. There will be a private chat channel accessible for guest please message a Staff to transfer you into those channel.


All private chat are secured even an [SO] rank cannot read them. WE the staff will respect everyone privacy. Please do not share account information, Our staff team will not be held responsible for players action. This is a warning now This is a Public Lucent Heart Ventrilo Please keep all account information to yourself.


Any player caught using 3rd party program or sharing 3rd party program will be PERMANENTLY IP BANNED from Ventrilo and will be Reported to Beanfun Authority. I'm a Gamer and Cheater will not be tolerated Here.

So For now Lets all have Fun ^_^.


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