Ventrilo is UP!

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Ventrilo is UP!

Post  Jin on Tue May 10, 2011 2:44 am


For those that already know how to use ventrilo. Here is the information. For those that are new to Ventrilo Please read the guideline below.
Server Name: whatever you want
Hostname or IP:
Port: 3838

~~~~~Ventrilo First Time Installer~~~~~~~~~~

About Ventrilo: Ventrilo is a Voice to Voice client that allows user to speak to each other through a microphone. ( NO WEBCAM ) YOU DONT HAVE A MICROPHONE? NO WORRIES. Ventrilo has a Public and Private Group chat for those that wanna type. Ventrilo has HOTKEY ENABLER what this is, is you can set a hotkey to when you wanna speak.


How to setup:

~~~~~~~~Thanks For Reading~~~~~~~~

If you have any problems feel free to register and reply here and ill try to help you. ^_^


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